Ye Chiu, a modern group enterprise with it presence covering Asia and America is always committed to realizing its objective of industry globalization. Since the establishment of Ye Chiu Metal Smelting Berhad in Malaysia in 1984, it always insists on the business philosophies of Commitment to Excellence, Innovation, and Sustainability, with a global outlook. In the course of nearly 30 years of growth, Ye Chiu is pacing into success steadily.

In 2001, the establishment of Ye Chiu Metal Recycling (China) Ltd. (Formerly Ye Chiu Metal Taicang Co., Ltd.) rapidly facilitated the Ye Chiu products to enter into Chinese market. And it helps Ye Chiu to hold the leading position in Chinese industry. In 2002, Ye Chiu Group established America Metal Export, Inc. in the United States, thus assuring the continuous and stable raw material supply of Ye Chiu Group. As the stable growth of its revenue, Ye Chiu (Malaysia) built the fouth plant in Tanjung Langsa Estate. Additionally, Ye Chiu (Taicang) is also enlarging its scale to make more efforts to realize the globalization objective of Ye Chiu.

With its well-recognized reputation from long-term operation and management, Ye Chiu Group has established the stable partnership with various international enterprises all over the world, and overwhelmingly boosted the import and erport revenues.

Ye Chiu always highly emphasize the industrial environmental protection while its rapid growth. It has become a member of BIR (Bureau of International Recycling) and ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. Inc.), cooperating with other members from all countries to protect our own earth.

We show great acknowledgement for our customers support and trust over the years, and Ye Chiu Group will inherit the tenet of Service and contribution to the society and persist in the our objectives of offering customers with superior quality, competitive pricing, unremitting services, and non-stop innovation.